Meanwhile 1628

The Story of Vasa - a ship lost and found.

Vasa was a Swedish warship built between 1626 and 1628. The Vasa museum in Stockholm is one of the most visited venues in Sweden. By initiating the exhibition ‘Meanwhile Somewhere Else 1628’, the museum took a bold step towards the digitised era, by commissioning an exhibition without objects.

As curator Monika Frelin collaborated with several scientists and experts to create a diverse story of Global history in the first half of the 17th century. A selection of historical and cultural events were presented in an aesthetic setting with films, images and interactive devices.

The work culminated after three years of preparation at the opening of the new exhibition area in 2013. The production holds a special place in our hearts since it was the first time we collaborated as a team, our company MYT AB, is a consequence of our first encounter at the Vasa museum.

A Unique Warship

At the time of Vasa, Sweden was a great power in the north of Europe, conquering land and taking part in warfare. The ship foundered after less than 30 minutes at sea near the harbour in Stockholm where she was built. After being located in the late 1950s, the ship was salvaged in 1961.

Historical Films with a Poetic Touch

The films were developed to work acoustically in the large space, with the aim to create a soothing but also mystical soundscape. The team really made an effort to give the exhibition its own sensory identity. Large scale projections made an important feature in the exhibition and gave the space that final inspiring touch.


Stockholm, Sweden


The Vasa Museum


2013 – 2016


500 m2



Monika Frelin



Hobi Jarne, Emil Gotthard, Nils Fridén


Emil Gotthard, Nils Fridén


Ulrika Djerw, Maria Rydbrink Raud, The Vasa Museum


Tore William-Olsson, Ljusdesign


Mavab, Macromould, Vinks


Johan Cnattingius, Agneta Wollenbrandt


Erland Sellberg, György Novaky, Leos Muller, Lisa Hellman, Fred Hocker, Stefan Lundblad, Mirha Arnshav


Ingmar Borgström, Stockholm University

The Stories

We collaborated with museum staff, scientists and researchers. The exhibition was full of diverse stories and images from regions like Spain, France, Japan and Korea, all selected to introduce different themes such as warfare, shipping, the Little ice age and religion. The films were created to enhance four themes, Art, Warfare, Religion and Climate. The visual identity of the films was carefully orchestrated by the filmteam and contributed to set the mood of the exhibition.

Transparency in Space

The open plan space was divided into open as well as more secluded spaces. We had to take into consideration the large number of visitors and allow for flow and transparency, and at the same time give the visitors an opportunity to stop and reflect at certain focal points.

Traces of Visitors

The geographical selfie app allowed the more than 1,5 M annual visitors to participate and leave a personal mark. By taking a picture and pin themselves on to a digital map everyone could share their geographical origin. 

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