The Royal Armoury


Motion Graphics for The Royal Armoury

During 2019 The Royal Armoury in Stockholm reopened with a new permanent exhibition. MYT designed motion graphic videos visualising the Swedish line of succession from 1523 to date. Starting with Gustav Vasa, the projected videos takes the viewer through the centuries up to present day with HRH Carl XVI Gustaf. As part of the reopening campaign the videos were used in outdoor promotion as well as for social media. 

Ceremonial Weapons and Artefacts

The Royal Armoury holds some of the oldest royal artefacts in Sweden, such as the sets of royal state and ceremonial weapons from the 16th century. Gustav Vasa and his sons Erik XIV, Johan III and Charles IX were the Swedish renaissance kings and very particular about their reputation in Europe. Every court of merit possessed elegant collections of weaponry.


Some of the objects were used in the in the movies to create a link between the physical objects and the visual theme in the videos. 


Stockholm, Sweden


The Royal Armoury






Nils Fridén, Emil Gotthard

Monika Frelin



Nils Fridén, Emil Gotthard


Emil Gotthard

Royal Portraits

Through the years the kings and queens of Sweden have commissioned portraits. Digital versions of the portraits have been visually interwoven with profile artefacts in a set of seven films. The films are projected directly on the old vaulted stone walls. Our task was to create a visually stunning and informative timeline based on the beautiful portraits. The projected videos slowly render a personal close up on each regent.

Films for Social Media


The videos have a strong visual impact and are inspired by opening sequences from film and television. This was primarily a functional decision but also made the films perfect for marketing. As part of the reopening campaign the videos were used in outdoor promotion as well as for social media. 

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