The Time Vault

The Nordic Museum


The Time Vault at The Nordic Museum in Stockholm, is a new and interactive experience for kids between the ages of 8 and 12. 

Here the visitors can explore 150 years of history and everyday life enabled through scenography, digital interactive stations and real objects and stories.

MYT has produced all of the digital content and installations for the exhibition.

The mission

The exhibition consists of a series of tasks that the visitors will try to solve by travelling in time and stepping into the situation of children at different moments in history. 

We’ve worked with greenscreen in combination with 3D rendered backgrounds to create a world where visitors can travel in time.

For a part of the exhibition we worked with actors from UR’s (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company) tv-show for kids “Jakten på den glömda historien”.


Stockholm, Sweden


The Nordic Museum






Nils Fridén, Emil Gotthard

Nils Fridén, Emil Gotthard



Jon Jogensjö


Sofia Jansson, The Nordic Museum


Fabella: Viva Östervall Lýngbrant
Living painting: Ulla Skoog
Living statue: Christer Fant
Stuffed Bird: Cecilia Frode
Dancing Children: Harry Lagerlöf, Alexia Jegefalk

Between time and space

In a traincoupé from the 1940’s three children, struck by war, need your help.At the dining area it’s time to serve today's dish. Will it be pizza, porridge made with birch bark or salmon cutlet?

At home in someone's own room there’s a nice hangout with comic magazines, board games and 80s songs on mixtapes.


In The Magical Closet something weird happens as you try on clothes in front of the mirror, and in The Living Library things come to life and tell classic ghost stories.

Dramatisation and interactive technology

In other parts we worked with dramatisations, interactive technology and 3D mapping combined with experienced actors and classical storytelling. Ulla Skoog, Christer Fant and Cecilia Frode make both paintings, statues and stuffed animals come to life.

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