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Selected projects

The Time Vault
The Nordic Museum

The Time Vault at The Nordic Museum in Stockholm, is a new, permanent and interactive experience for kids between the ages of 8 to 12. 


Here the visitors can explore around 150 years of history and everyday life enabled through scenography, digital interactive stations and real objects and stories.

MYT has designed all of the digital content and installations for the exhibition.

The Royal Armoury Livrustkammaren

During 2019 The Royal Armoury in Stockholm reopened with a new permanent exhibition. MYT designed motion graphic videos visualising the Swedish line of succession from 1523 to date.


Starting with Gustav Vasa, the projected videos takes the viewer through the centuries up to our present day.

Skärmavbild 2020-04-17 kl. 15.58.11.png
The Vikings Begin
Gustavianum, US tour

The sensational discovery of the Viking boat graves at Valsgärde in 1926, led to new insights on the life of the early vikings in the 6th century. MYT created a touring exhibition about the lesser known history of the Vikings, before conquests and warfare became their trademark.


The visitor is introduced to the boats from the graves and the connection to the early seafaring tradition.

The Andrée Expedition
The Polar Centre

Adventurous Arctic expeditions have been part of a western culture since the late 18th century. The Swedish engineer Salomon August Andrée excelled when he managed to convince a large number of people that he could cross the North Pole in a helium balloon in 1896.


At the The Polar Centre we have created a completely new permanent exhibition set over two floors.

The exhibition is full of stories about the preparations, financial difficulties, French balloonists, front line technology, navigation and hard weather considerations. We developed the concept and designed the entire exhibition including the films and projections. 

Aspiring To Precision

We designed, produced and curated ’Aspiring to Precision’, an exhibition about scientific precision instruments from the 19th century.

As a university museum, Gustavianum was keen to introduce visitors to some of the unique precision instruments from their vast collection. In the exhibition we designed the concept and the display cases modelled to host instruments used for measuring magnetism, electricity, spectrography, astronomy and chemistry.

Meanwhile 1628
The Vasa Museum

Vasa was a Swedish warship built between 1626 and 1628. The Vasa museum in Stockholm is one of the most visited venues in Sweden. By initiating the exhibition ‘Meanwhile Somewhere Else 1628’, the museum took a bold step towards the digitised era by commissioning an exhibition without objects.

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